Declarations of Love

Happily Unmarried Bliss, Vow Renewals, Anniversaries

Vow renewals, anniversaries and declarations of love. I can officiate and help you plan a celebration of your commitment to your partner at any punctuation point in your relationship.

It can be as ‘normal’ or quirky as you wish.

It can be just the two of you in a quiet spot exchanging vows or a field full or pub full of friends sharing your moment. You can choose any location; wear any costume; and follow any format.

What about a game of twister? How about planting a tree? Or even have a custard pie fight!  Nothing is off-limits.

As an Alternative, Independent Celebrant, I can help write speeches or vows, coordinate a celebration service, provide a memento of the occasion and help you with ideas and contacts…

For example…

I’ve been with John for 25 years.  We’re not married and have no intention of ‘tying the knot’ in the forseeable future.  However, celebrating our love and commitment to each other is something we absolutely love to do.  We have a massive celebration at 10 years, 20 years, and most recently our 25th.  A celebration entitled 25 years of Happily Unmarried Bliss.

celebrating 25 yrs of happily unmarried bliss,. Vow renewals, commitment
my sisterin law wore the bridesmaids dress she had for my othere sister-in-laws wedding, 27 years previously – she said it might be the only chance she gets to be our bridesmaid !

Alongside a party with live music (a band and an open mic session), cake, and (rather unusual) decorations, I wanted to make a speech.  John is more of a behind the scenes man in that respect. As  ‘unaccustommed as I am to public speaking…”, I was very keen to tell everyone how much I loved them all, how grateful I was to have them in my lives, and how fantastic my man actually is.  John is my friend, my lover, my partner in crime, father of my children, my handyman, my sanity and the missing piece of my puzzle.

hubby and i with our alternative none wedding cake
The cake, by one of my daughter in laws, went with their decoration theme ’25 years down the pan’ , very tongue in cheek, all decorations were made out of loo rolls centres and toilet paper, this cake was DELICIOUS

**yes we’re not married but we choose to use the terminology, daughter in law, son (even for step sons), husband… it’s just our way…  What’s your way? #daretobedifferent #anythinggoes #lifeisacelebration

Why have a celebration? 

There are loads of reasons, not just vow renewals anniversaries and declarations of love

here’s some for starters…

  • Vow Renewals
  • Anniversaries
  • Adopting your partners children
  • You have closed a door on an old chapter of your life
  • Maybe you are finally moving in together
  • Family/friends from abroad all happen to be available at the same time
  • You want an excuse to gather all your friends and family and show them what they mean to you
  • Life has been tough, but things are getting better
  • Recovery after a Trauma
  • Just Because…