In our back yard….

Hubby has just pointed me in the direction of a folder on his computer titled “Cerdyn Villa wildlife”….

…. so I’ve had a peak

…and now I’m sharing some of the content with you… all of these have been seen in or from our garden

We do have more visitors: bull finches, tree creepers, crows, blackbirds, pheasants, red kites, buzzards, foxes, blackcaps, red starts , wrens… which he’s still trying to catch on his point and press camera…

In the meantime, did you spot the odd one out?!

Blackpool : laughter, live music and looniness


Loony Party Conference at Uncle Toms Cabin
Loony Party Conference at Uncle Toms Cabin
Dale Rowles, AKA Leutentant Jaegar Schnitzel... BB Blackdog
Dale Rowles, AKA Lieutenant Jaegar Schnitzel… BB Blackdog

The 32nd Monster Raving Loony Party Conference.  The 2nd in a row in Blackpool and it’s likely to become a regular haunt .  We have the perfect hosts both in our accommodation providers; The New Guilderoy Hotel, owned by Loony members (Baroness Chief Whip Guilderoy and Lord Guilderoy); and our venue, Uncle Toms Cabin where we are we welcomed with open arms by the staff and landlord who blend in, like professional loonies 😉

Alan "Howlin Laud" Hope announcing the Cabinet Reshuffle
Alan “Howlin Laud” Hope announcing the Cabinet Reshuffle

We also have Tony Davies, Loony Bus Driver who has access to and provides his services for our campaigning tour/ pub crawl ( !).  The open top tour brings extra smiles to many a face and how doesn’t want to spread a little happiness

Comedy Carpet
Comedy Carpet

….and then we have the Firework Festival, Comedy Carpet and magnificent esplanade along the seafront

The weekend was filled with smiles, music and laughter ….and lashings of alcohol.  We were entertained by Loony Bands… The morris dancersB.U.M.S (Border Urban Morris Side)… who include amongst its Loony members, Baron full fat boogie bandVon Magpie Bum , Honey Bum and the Party’s youngest standing candidate, Hugo Shovit.  then there were The Big Fibbers (both Loonies:  Knigel Knapp and Tristian Shout); BB Blackdog (lead singer and founder, Loony member,  Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel); plus we had great music from Loony Sympathisers; both Badaxe (with a personal tribute to our great

The Full Fat Boogie Band
The Full Fat Boogie Band

Leader, Howlin’ Laud Hope) and The Wattingers performed unbelievable “you had to be there” sets.  And let’s not forget the magnificent Full Fat Boogie Band who got us dancing and wearing even more hats with their two sets on our first night.

Three Amigos
Three Amigos

There was a conference bit… the bit where we patted ourselves on our backs for our successes in the Welsh Assembly Elections;  achieving a party first in qualifying for an Election Broadcast. We discussed our standing candidate in David Cameron’s old constituency of Witney ; that will be our very own Mad

Beautiful Blackpool
Beautiful Blackpool

Hatter…wishing him every success on the campaign trail. It was also noted that we are the ONLY political party not in the red… we are solvent and work within our means.  Plus we are about to appear in the Guiness book of World Records as having the longest-serving party leader (17 years ) Howlin’ Laud Hope, who has just beaten the previous record holder, Loony founder , Lord Sutch, to the title.  It is also being considered as to whether he is the longest standing political leader in the world to have been democratically elected.

Yes as ever, Loonies are leading the way!!  Not to mention the colourful double page spread in the Blackpool Gazette.

From the Blackpool Gazette - 4th October 2016
From the Blackpool Gazette – 4th October 2016



There’s no Place Like (Our) Home


When you live in your special getaway retreat you never need a getaway!!

Cerdyn Villa, our home, your retreat, our bit of ‘heaven on earth’, in the middle of the Heart of Wales, in the quirkiest town in the UK, Llanwrtyd Wells

There are weekends of insanity and partying in the town if you want it- Man v Horse, Real Ale Wobble, World Bog Snorkelling, World Alternative Games, Welsh Open Stone Skimming, Mountain Bike Chariot Racing.

There is open space, picturesque expansive vistas, tranquility and natural beauty in abundance for walking, cycling, driving, bird watching, relaxing, sitting, meditating and being at one with nature.

There is our home.  A home away from home.  A place to relax, potter, sleep, laugh, chat. A place to simply BE.

We found our home by luck.  We wallow in the good fortune of living here daily.  Come rain or shine.  Our own space.  The surrounding space.  The community.  The Friday nights with friends .  The reality of this magical spot in the the heart of The Heart of Wales.




Rhyming with Wine