Please don’t bring me flowers….

My attitude to cut flowers is funny old thing.  After all I love gardening, dead-heading, weeding, pruning.  I lo20170731_183610ve seeing the garden in full bloom and I’m aware that some flowers need picking to encourage more flowers to grow.  Plus sometimes the rain, wind or our chickens damage a flower stalk so I’ll pick it up and stick it in a vase.

On the whole though, I’m not a cut flower person.  I mean they look lovely in a vase in someone elses house in full bloom on a visit or in an arrangement at a wedding or on a table in a restaurant.  But when I actually have them at home they just make me sad.  They arrive at their peak and then you plonk them in water with a bit of food to prolong their life and you just watch them wither and die.  Its tragic.  Not to mention that in the confines of the house either, and sometimes, both Hubby and I will have an allergic reaction to the scent which is often quite overpowering when indoors.

I remember sometime back writing about my wishes for end of life.  I wasn’t being morbid but I felt I should document the things I feel strongly about.  One of my key requests was to have snowdrops, crocuses, and daffodil bulbs buried with me and absolutely no cut flowers.  I don’t want my relatives and friends coming back to dead flowers, a bit too much morbid symbolism.  But with bulbs they will flower and multiply year on year, and my plot, under what ever tree wherever that will be, will live on and bring joy and colour long after I’m gone.

funnily enough i also have a problem with house plants.  In a garden I will nurture and tend, water and maintain but the minute a plant is in a pot in my house I look at it with bemusement as it droops or withers.  I never remember to water it, or re-pot it or feed it.  I’m an indoor plant murderer (remember that should you ever feel inclined to gift me a plant – if it has to live indoors I WILL KILL IT!!! ).  It’s a shame really because I actually love orchids but once the initial flowers die off I have absolutely no clue how to tend it to ensure I get new life in future years.  I’ve had two sad-looking specimens on top

of the piano for a year!  I kid you not, in fact I am going to provide photographic evidence right now…

see, I told you!



Our garden here at Cerdyn Villa B&B

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Lucy At Home

Early one morning…

Early one morning.  Actually this morning. something rare happened.  I bounced out of bed, wide awake and rearing to go at 5:50am! I had ironed 7 sets of bedding before 8am! (I own a B&B – my own bedding does not get the same attention as that for our guest rooms).

one of my lovely girls
one of my lovely girls

So I poured myself a glass of milk, and still in my dressing gown, slipped on my wellies and strolled around the garden.  It’s a glorious, sunny, fresh morning.  The type that makes you glad to be alive.  I let out our girls and George (our free roaming hens and cockerel), fed them and then…

…oops.  I made the fatal mistake of bending down to pull up a weed.  I made a small pile.  Then another small pile.  Then I thought I may as well get the wheelbarrow.  I’m still holding my glass of milk.  I’m chatting to the chooks who are cooing around the disturbed earth left from the weed removal.  I’m kidding myself I’m not gardening.  I am a vision in red.  A couple of dog walkers stroll past the end of the drive. I catch their eye and am about to wave.  They avert their gaze.

A vision in red
A vision in red

An hour later hubby comes out with a mug of tea. Laughing at me gardening in my dressing gown and wellies.  The wheelbarrow is full.  I tell him”it doesn’t count as proper gardening if I’m still holding my glass and only one hand is muddy”.

I am at one with my garden and enjoying the company of my hens as we all scratch the soil together.

I’m pretty high in the pecking order this morning , I’ve found more worms and bugs then they have.  George is a little put out that I have their attention and he’s out on a limb.

one of my lovely girls
one of my lovely girls
her she comes

Anyway, another half hour went by as I weeded my way back to the door.

Lovely way to start the day

George feeling a little put out
George feeling a little put out
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