We will always have Humanity..

What is it with this need to hate? People hating people because they are sick or disabled and need support; because they need help housing and feeding their family;  because they have chosen here as a safe haven from war and tyranny; because their homes have been destroyed and they have asked for our help to find a place; because they can’t find work; because they dress differently; have different coloured skin; different accents; different sexual desires; different houses to pray to their god(s). How petty do these sound? .. say it ‘ I’m afraid of you because you pray in a mosque”; “I hate you because you like to wear women’s clothes” ; “I hate you  a because you are too ill to work and have sought help”; ” I fear you because irrespective of the fact you were born here, three generations ago your ancestors came here from….”…. It’s takes a crazy and sad person to think like this.  

If you want to be angry, be angry about the corporation that control supply and demand across the globe; be angry about a system that makes the wealthy wealthier but keeps the poor poorer; be angry about our political disregard  for the longevity of our planets resources; about the millions of people starving, raped,beaten, mutilated ,murdered in corrupt regimes; about the misguided individuals with pathetic weak minds who follow radical extremism; about those who target the susceptible and innocent and abuse their trust, sex traffickers, slave  traders etc.

Terrible atrocities happen across the globe on a daily basis. We as humans often ignore or don’t hear about the those horrific incidents outside of our own country.  In light of the terrible happenings in Manchester this week a friend of mine wrote this:

I wanted to say something – and its so hard because everyone is hurting but I hope you get where I’m coming from if you read this – now is not the time for opinions on who or why – its not a time for division or conspiracy theories or even politics …..

….Humans are suffering every day at the hands of evil. Simple as. We are led to believe that we are separate. That somehow borders and seas and distance make us ‘different’. But love and compassion and humanity should recognise no such borders. I am not ‘British’ or ‘European’ or anything else. I AM TERRAN. I AM OF THIS EARTH.

ALL suffering hurts my heart.

ALL injustice makes my soul weep.

And so as I stand with Manchester 22.05.17 and I hold in my heart all those who are suffering and the 22 souls lost and the 50 plus injured and the people who have seen such terrible things I also stand with Deir ez-Zur  21.05.17 and the 15 lost and the 60 plus injured – most of whom were also women and children.

Baghdad – 20.05.17 – 35 killed, 45 injured.

Tuz Khurma. Maiduguri. Hamah. Mastung…

The list goes on.

I’ve not listed which countries these places are on purpose – because an innocent soul is an innocent soul and leaves a hole where once there was light.

Hold your loved ones tight. Love love love. Be kind. Be compassionate. Educate yourself. Help others on each and every occasion that you can.

I love all the light being sent to Manchester today…what power, what beauty.

Imagine if we could send out that wave each day to each person who needed it – how powerful we truly would become.

‘There is more that unites us than separates us’

Look at us all on that tiny sphere. So fragile and yet so very strong. Separateness is an illusion used to control us. I send love to my brothers and sisters all over this beautiful planet today and everyday

Andrew Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, quite rightly said that the “Manchester terrorist no more represents Muslims than Jo Cox’s killer represents white people”.

Ignorance and laziness cause people to condemn an entire race, religion or country because of the act of the odd nutter/extremist… this plays right into the hands of every extremist movement, creating fear, hate and intolerance within communities… we are all people of the Earth , we may elect to follow a religion (generally based on which country we were raised and what our parents believed), we may follow a cultural behaviours based on the same, but these evil behaviours are not the result of any religious scriptures or cultural behaviours, they are the behaviours of weak-minded, warped individuals with a twisted sense of reality and a total disregard for humanity… we must stand together, arm in arm with our neighbours, irrespective of their skin colour, their dress code, their age, their sexuality, their religious beliefs or their ancestry….
We must not let the media propaganda (media terrorism) warp our minds into believing their rhetoric… Everyone is an individual being of our earth.

My only faith is the one I hold for Humanity; that humans are predominantly compassionate and kind and that we can, as humankind, drive out this culture of intolerance and hate without resorting to vilification of entire groups … we must stand together and give of our hearts, share of our minds and support of our being…
I may not have the best words or the most articulate response, but as always, I speak straight from my heart and mind and these are the only words I can find for the horrendous atrocities of this week… and I speak not just of what happened in Manchester …

Cloudy with a slight chance of rain….

” this winter COULD see an apocalyptic invasion of alien zombies , bringing catastrophic untreatable viruses which will result in a 51% CHANCE of UP TO 90% of the population dying a slow and painful death. Coupled with the POSSIBILITY of the recent POLAR VORTEX warning and the POTENTIAL of UP TO 50MM of BLIZZARD like snow CYCLONES I recommend the stockpiling of SPAM and SUGAR to avoid being too late due to PANIC buying and SERIOUS SHORTAGES throughout the UK”

Ok so I made that up but these days it appears that weather reporters; TV, newspapers, radio, internet; can say just about anything about anything as long as it is preempted by “could see”, “up to” or be reflected as an arbitrary percentage.  When was it that media terrorism became so excessive? I’m talking weather here but other issues apply; think bird flu; Ebola; immigration; education; pedophilia – just about any topic and try to get to the real truth, the balanced reality and the facts…. it’s almost impossible .  Its amazing anyone ever leaves their house these day through fear of being kidnapped, murdered, run over by a drunk driver, catching an incurable disease or dying of sunstroke.

weather 1Even in what I would describe as recent history, (say the 70’s and 80’s) the weather was reported using a map and some graphics; smiley sun, sun half hidden by stylised cloud, cloud with one/two/three raindrops.  Nothing excessive or threatening – just some science based predictions  communicated to us in an informative way.

Nowadays reports include words like “threatened”, “warnings”, “unprecedented” “paralysing’ .  And the imagery is more spectacular. Hard-hitting even. ‘Traffic light’ coded symbols advise us, no, warn us, that we’re likely to burn/ freeze/ drown/ have horrific allergic reactions.  If its sunny old people are ‘warned’ to stay in doors; if its likely to snow they re told there is danger of being ‘trapped’.  Wind is always a hurricane, gale or blizzard.  Rain is measured in millimeters for maximum effect.  Two inches became 5 cm when we went metric , recently its reported as 50mm.  Or if it’s the Daily Mail /Express etc its: ” possibly in excess of 50mm maybe even up to 100mm…”

The use of language to sensationalise the situation and the continued use of superlatives to add dramatic effect is getting out of control.   That, coupled with the overall need of the media to scare-monger causes several problem – here’s a few:-

1..  The elderly and vulnerable become more fearful and less mobile

2. Businesses (eg UK tourism) suffer

3.  the average person is not prepared when bad weather really does come – I’m talking about ‘crying wolf’

4. and, possibly most importantly, the English language is running out of superlatives!

Todays report.  (thanks to The Express) “POLAR VORTEX WARNING – UK faces MONTHS of HEAVY snow!!!!”  that true folks – Polar Vortexes – be afraid, be very afraid.  apparently “A series of RARE atmospheric events” is set to “PLUNGE Britain into the WORST WEATHER of modern times”…  I have no idea how modern times are, however the effect will be “..heavy snow PARALYSING the entire country”.

Scared yet?

My advice is this: sand bags, blankets (lots), old wooden furniture (to burn when the pending weather trauma causes the associated blackouts), candles ( for the same reason), Spam, sugar and flour stockpiling (supermarkets may not be able to get deliveries and this will result in food shortages); fill every pan with water (to prevent shortages due to the inevitable burst pipes and unmanageable pressure on plumbers), more wine/beer/vodka (to combat boredom) and condoms – plenty of condoms (ask your gran what happened during the blackouts).

Keep warm, keep safe and take everything you read/hear with a pinch of salt (assuming you’ve remembered to stockpile some 😉 ) and maybe look out of your window more, use your own judgement (remember how we all used to be able to do that) and make an informed decision based on reality and commonsense.

… oh, and whatever the weather, do try to make the most of it….. but watch out for alien invaders……

snow Feb 07 028