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Should I stay or should I go?

My blogging is sporadic to say the least.  Some weeks I’ll blog 3 times, some months not at all.

My blog name is potentially confusing.  I love the name rosetintedramblings but some people are confused and think it’s a play on my name, but my name is not Rose.

My blog is a mish mash.  I don’t know where to categorise it so that other bloggers, readers, customers, search engines can find it.  I write from the heart.  Sometimes it’s about mental health and wellbeing; sometimes it’s political; sometimes its about tourism or my artwork … or something completely different.  With that in mind it’s not able to grow an audience.  Or at least I’ve failed to do so.

2020 is my year to “Get A Grip” I’m (tentatively) stepping into something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, something I’m pretty sure in theory, I’d be great at , but something that is way away from my safety net…I’m going to train to be a Celebrant.  It’ll need its own blog.

I still want to be able to rant about politics and religion , I still want to have my Lady Lily Pink alter ego.  Perhaps she needs her own blog?

I plan to be more proactive in promoting my stained glass teaching; my creative retreats at our B&B; and, hopefully, be more creative in general.  Is that a third and separate blog?

I also still need an outlet for my mental health, wellbeing, menopausal and family pieces. What do I do with these?  These are the ones I write for my sanity.

Are four separate blogs viable?  My gut says ‘NO’.

When I started “Rosetinted Ramblings of an Ordinary Extraordinary Life” I wanted to show that we are all equally ordinary and extraordinary.  I wanted to present myself ‘holistically’  ..the blog represents the whole of me, the good, the bad, the ugly.. and the weird. How do I promote and manage four separate facets of my life yet find an audience for them?  A paid for blog, like this one, is a luxury I can’t afford if I don’t try to make it work for my business as well as my soul..

I want to remain true to myself.

I want to be able to talk about all manner of things.

I don’t want to present a veneer of life.  I really do want the ‘warts and all’ me out there.  Because, for one, it’s a relief to share, even if potential no-one accesses it; for two, I think if people did find my writings they could be helpful or comforting; not necessarily the mix of moods and content, but the knowledge that it’s ‘normal’ to be ‘abnormal’ that moods and changes of opinion; that happiness and sadness; that control and craziness, can all exist within one person. Even one, who to the outside, world looks like they’re a pretty confident and outgoing social adept individual.  And sometimes I am.  Often I’m not.

How do I present all of this in a way that people can find and that makes sense?

Or should I just keep it to myself.

Answers on a postcard please..

..or a comment right here  (it is 2020 after all)


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  1. There are no rules–you can have one blog and talk about all sorts of different things!

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