So, everyone thinks of having a service to celebrate getting married but sometimes it might feel more appropriate to celebrate that divorce!

Maybe you’ve escaped an abusive relationship.  Maybe you have finally stopped kidding yourself that ‘everything was fine’ and taken the plunge to go it alone.  Maybe you feel empowered, you can now follow a differnet and more appropriate path…. maybe you didn’t initially want to get divorced but the process made you realise what a total arse your ex actually was, and you just didn’t see it at the time….

Its the close of one chapter and the beginning of another.


Perhaps you and your significant other want to show your commitment by getting engaged but don’t really have plans for a wedding (yet or ever!)  Maybe the engagement is THE moment.  Why not?!  Let me help you plan a service of love and celebration.  No rules, whatever you fancy and wherever you fancy doing it!