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Flying the nest

“You’ll love it here.

The city is amazing. The course sounds fabulous.

Far enough away to be independent.

Close enough to get home if you want….

…and we can visit!  If that’s Ok?

But your first day at school..

…seems like yesterday.”

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  1. great poem

    1. thank you thats very kind

      1. welcome

  2. oh no! i’ve also been late to school before – like by 3 weeks :O

  3. heheh That used to be my nightmare before every year of college.

  4. Nice job capturing the excitement and the nostalgia of one flying the nest.

    1. thanks Mary x

  5. Jennifer G. Knoblock says:

    My oldest graduated high school last summer and is now living on a different continent. So I absolutely appreciate this, as a mom. As a writer, I appreciate how you’ve made the whole story through this one-sided conversation (moms get that, too, ha!).

    1. thank you so much – i’m glad it worked and i really appreciate the feedback

  6. They do seem to get older way faster than possible.

    1. its truly shocking how quickly the gap betweeen how old they really are and how old you perceive them to be , expands…. On the one hand i admire the young adult my son has become, on the other he is still my little baby !

  7. So many parents talking about the rapid passage of time. Sigh … I dread that day as it approaches 🙁

    1. I have found that whilst i miss the bady, toddler, inocent child and confused preteen I have the pleaseure of an encyclopedia of fond memories PLUS the joy and pride of this new wonderful adult-in-waiting and all the amazing experiences and conversations we now share…so don’t worry – every age has been a joy xx

      1. That makes me feel a wee bit better <3 Thank you!

  8. I was sick as a dog when my parents dropped me off my freshman year at college. I don’t even want to know how she felt having to leave me there like that! Haha

    1. when i buggered off back packing for 3 months which became 2 years and was appaullingly lax at communicating with my parents, i didn’t for once consider how, worrying, frustrating that must have felt. or how sad i must have made them feel…..

  9. I don’t want to think about my babies going away! *fingers in ears* lalalala 🙂

    1. they slowly prepare you by staying at friends/girlfriends more… going on holidau and camping trips without you and learning to drive and not needing lifts…. A bit like being pregnant prepares you for sleepless nights when they’re born 😉

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