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dont’t worry its only a Haiku….

Thank you @YeahWrite1 and @LiveBySurprise, because of you both I am writing my first haiku…. and following from my blog of last week “Don’t Worry Its Just PMT, ”


Period Pains by Berni

Angry. Clumsy clot…

Dulled mind. Aching head to toe

More blood, sweat and tears



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  1. Hi! Did you submit this to our fiction challenge? I’m not sure what happened, but I never saw it entered. If you want to enter again, please let me know and we’ll troubleshoot. Welcome to yeah write!

  2. thank you – i think i did but i only did it yesterday so think it might be too late for this weeks challenge… i put the cbutton on my blog?! Its all a bit new… am looking forward to doing more – nice to meet you x

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