Ladies who lunch, light hearted banter, art and an unexpected harp recital….

Sometimes an ordinary day turns into an exceptionally wonderful day…its a rare and wonderful phenomenon.  When they happen I wonder if they are by luck or by state of mind.  Probably a bit of both.  I do know for sure that those days I’m in a bad mood, more negative things happen.  However, this Friday, just gone…that would be yesterday(!) was highly anticipated as a planned busy but nice day.  The resulting day was glorious.

As you may know I am mid way through my first ever solo art exhibition.  it was quite a long time in the planning and prepping and quite emotional in the setting up and previewing… but it’s there now. It’s actually going well in terms of feedback and I am definitely extremely proud of it.

A small group of wonderful friends who I know mainly through teaching them stained glass during the wonderful Welsh Legends Window Project, had arranged a jolly to the Radnorshire Museum to see my exhibition and I had arranged to go with them and do our fave thing “Ladies Who Lunch”, first.  So as you can tell, it was already going to be a lovely day.

These, lovely, colourful, energy filled, inspiring women gathered to join me at The Herb Garden for pre-exhibition food.  The Cafe is my very favourite in Llandrindod Wells, a community cafe , serving wholesome, freshly made, delicious delights with top quality organic ingredients. It has friendly staff, cosy sofas, a selection of newspapers and magazines, a pile of toys for any kids, a local information board and a gallery wall.  In this instance there was a display of stunning photographs of China by a local photographer/friend of mine, Mike Lewis. A perfect accompaniment to our lunch with it being Chinese New Year. (sadly I didn’t take any photos at it would have meant leaning across strangers who were eating their lunch and I thought that might appear a tad rude!  the place was packed)

As we trotted round to the museum, it was a gloriously sunny early Spring day, the type of day that fills you with optimism and joy for new beginnings and the arrival of Spring flowers and the hope of Summer not too far away.

There was quite a buzz of excitement from my friends climbing the stairs (or using the lift) to reach the exhibition space.  I think there were genuinely impressed and enjoyed the exhibition, which really gave me quite a boost.  Additionally, because of the location, they had the bonus of discovering this quaint and eclectic collections within the museum itself.  So a fabulous afternoon..

… but there was icing on our daily cake … on arrival we were told that three internationally acclaimed harpists were about to arrive to look at the Welsh triple harp the museum has in its collection and that one of these harpists was going to play it…. we were allowed to sit in on an impromptu harp recital by Robin Huw Bowen (head to discography and click the listen button, its exquisite …  ).Robin proceeded to discuss the history of this harp, his interaction with the ancestors of the owner who donated it to the museum in 1952, and played some classic Welsh tunes and some Welsh gypsy popular music of the time

Those gorgeous looking ladies sat by the harpist are Camille & Kennerly Kitt, otherwise known as The Harp Twins here as part of a world tour, having just finished a 4th gig in Wales.  They play rock music on electric harps – something to behold!

Here’s a little clip from the recital.  Robin did apologise, he said if he’d known there would be an audience he would have arrived earlier to tune the harp!!!  Still …we were happy !

acrylic art, orion, great nebula, exhibition, acrylic on wood
TITLE: “There is beauty all around; we simply have to open our minds to see”. DESCRIPTION: Based on the Great Nebula in Orion, spirals of gas resemble a gargantuan flower. ……My friend , D particularly wanted a photo of me beside this piece as she said it was a perfect artistic impression of me and my personality ! how lovely XX
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Baby, its time for solid food….

My daughter in law had her first baby six months ago tomorrow.  Her and my step son are wonderful parents.  They are attentive and relaxed.  They give their son all the time and input they can.  He is being raised in a loving home with able parents.  He is being raised in a bi-lingual environment, he will be able to speak English and Mandarin.  He is clearly healthy, weighing in at 9.6 kg and being in the 93rd percentile on the length/height charts.  He’s strong, active and on target or ahead on all the NHS measurements for growth and development.  These new parents follow all the rules…..

…and therein lies a problem.  The bloody RULES.  Not guidelines.  Rules.

When I had my son 20 years ago, solids were introduced at 3 months.  By just shy of 3 months I was desperate to feed my son something more than breast milk.  He was obviously always hungry and I and hubby were obviously always tired.  It was zombie-like in our home.  The rules now say no solids until 6 months.  SIX MONTHS!!!!  Our grandson is the size of some 1 year olds.  He is happy, smiley , active and healthy.  He is also hungry every 30 minutes throughout the night.

This week we visited and I had a chance to reiterate the story of our son, and to properly offer suggestion that they might dare to break the RULE.  So at 5 months and 3.5 weeks my daughter-in-law felt brave enough to break the health visitors rules and she fed solids to our grandson.  He slept. She slept.  For the first night in almost 6 months she slept in her own bed and not with the baby.  Normal life can continue.

Health visitors, PLEASE, treat each baby and family as individuals.  Stop spouting general rules.  It’s not always helpful, beneficial or in the best interest of the baby and parents.

my gorgeous grandson
There is nothing quite like rocking a baby to sleep in your arms

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 You might be a parent if…

you’ve argued about socks
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You might be a parent if you’ve ever asked…

Where are your pants?
Why are you naked?
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