Offering a free weekend away in exchange for a bit of techie help..

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Confused? Very.

I’m so confused I can’t even work out what I need to know about to stop the confusion.

A month ago I wasn’t confused I was just lacking in knowledge.  I had a clear path I needed to walk in order to reach my goal

1.  I need to use twitter lists more effectively

2. I need to monetize (I hate that word) my blog

So I started reading blogs and posts about these things.  They all made sense until I tried to action the points.  I’m then met with what may as well be Swahili and loads of information that seems to not quite be for me.

I upgraded my free WordPress plan ( twice ) as the first one (seemingly) added no value. I now have a ‘premium’ site (only as of today) so I can apparently do a lot more.  For example I can customise my CSS! ???

So now I need to also know what the f** k my CSS even is!  How did I live without it and what do I do with it now I have it?  So I follow a hyperlink which tells me how easy it is and leads to another and another hyperlink of information.  I’ve lost the tab I originally had open. I’m lost

I also discovered I would benefit from StumbledUpon.  Does this premium WordPress account allow this?  I think not, maybe? Maybe I need a business account to ‘Stumble’?  I haven’t even got to grips with this plan.

But now I also need to learn how to use and find time to regularly engage with ‘StumbledUpon’ …I’ve set up an account….

I discovered that there are several ways to ‘monetize’ (yep still hate it)… I can ‘affiliate’… now I need to learn what and how to affiliate myself…  I joined a couple of ‘Influencer’ sites but I think they’re USA based and I really want something in the UK (or do I?)

I can engage in pay-per-click.  How?

I need a page for Work with Me.  I’m daunted.  What do I offer?  What is there to offer?  How do I offer it?  At what rate should I offer it?

I  am told I need to set up Google Analytics… I thought I had.  I tried to link my blog… there are no stats for my blog.  I have to add some code to my blog – cut and paste, very simple… where the f**k do I put it in WordPress?

I think I need the icons for the linkys I’m part of on a side bar… how do I create a new side bar.  were do I put the code?

The more I read the more questions I have.  The more I realise I need.  The more I realise I don’t know.  The more my confidence dwindles.  The more my frustration rises.  The more time I lose.  The more I realise I don’t even know what questions to ask or even what answers I need.

I have so much part information in my head I feel like I might explode.  I’m flitting from one thing I must do to move forward to another .  I am a rabbit in the headlights.

I’m missing a trick or three but I don’t even know where to begin to look for them

I’m not stupid but I feel like a complete moron.  Am I really as inept as all of this is making me feel?

In forward offered gratitude, with mental desperation and feeling decidedly thick and useless; I am offering the one thing I am confident at being able to offer at its best.  A weekend away for 2 at my beautiful, cosy B&B in the Heart of Wales .  In exchange all I ask is for a couple or 3 hours of expert one to one guidance with my WordPress blog and maybe a little bit of advice on better using Twitter.  I know I’m missing something(s) but I don’t know what they are.

PS: I have wine….and gin

My Random Musings

I know its only 1 month in but I already have progress to report….

So last year I didn’t set my 2017 action plan until mid February. This year I was all done and dusted with ‘getting my act together’ before last Christmas. I was exceptionally smug about how I’d caught up with myself by the end of the year. And I continue to wallow in my smug self-satisfaction as I celebrate the (near) end of January 2018.

I am ahead of my game.

I’m focused. I’m energised.

I’m (over) achieving !

I appear to have got my multifaceted act together.

To be fair I’m not really smug, but I am genuinely elated by how much energy I’ve leapt into 2018 with and how much momentum I’ve rolled with. I mean, blimey, 4 whole weeks and I’ve not had a meltdown; an identity crisis or fallen into a self-confidence hollow. I am on a roll.

I put this down to two things.

#TheJanuaryChallenge : this little package of fun and well-being run by charitable organisation 64 Million Artists, invited anyone and everyone in the UK (and beyond) to spend a few moments of each day mindfully contemplating something creative: be it drawing your self-portrait in your spaghetti hoops or expressing yourself using the medium of GIF, it afforded a period each day of self-expression, and an opportunity to engage and have a bit of banter with other individuals enjoying the daily micro-challenges. OK I didn’t actually post in every challenge of the month , but I did contemplate each one to varying degrees and I did enjoy reading the posts of those who did. The best thing is , there was no pressure to engage, it was simply a joy to do so.

Secondly, 2017 had been working towards my first ever solo art exhibition and the event opened on 12th January… a serious kick-start to my artistic self, my self-esteem and focused my mind on challenging myself – Lucy of What My Fridge Says made me her featured blogger #19 in the third week of January. That was and still is very exciting for me. But the very best bit was the most lovely words she used to describe me and my blog. It made me realise that my blog reads and represents me exactly how I hope it would

…When I read her blog it seems to me that she is living fiercely, boldly and with risk…not to mention enjoying the journey – Rose Tinted Ramblings of a life less ordinary , these

attributes are certainly something which I find magical. Plus, she drive a pink car – whats not to love. Click the link above to read about her first solo exhibition. Despite loving every second and going for it, she also captures her anticipation and anxiety beautifully. Often anxiety is seen as a mental health issue and connected to worry, but I really do see anxiety as showing you care and when used to drive the vision of you dreams, it’s often complimented by accomplishment. This lady could teach the world a thing or two.

So I’ve hit the ground running in 2018. I’m aware that in reality I can’t run at this pace solidly throughout 2018 and there are bound to be some challenges and setbacks thrown in along the way but, for just right now, I am very focused, slightly ahead of myself and feeling pretty mighty.

So at the end of month one how do the stats add up?

2018 is the year of LEARN, APPLY, INTERACT

so far I have

  • been the first featured blogger for Hayley of Mission Mindfulness new guest series blog spot ” Words About the Weekend”
  • been a featured blogger by Lucy of What My Fridge Says on her co-hosted twitter linky #thesatsesh
  • held a successful preview event for my first ever solo exbihition
  • …and sold a painting at it (it’s on until 17th March if you happen to be in Mid Wales before then)
  • been paid a deposit for a commissioned painting and have until November to complete it
  • been commissioned to design and make a window for a couple new to our village
  • been booked by a WI group to do a talk bout the stained glass window project I was involved in last year – not until October but booked on New Years Day
  • set out workshop dates to run sessions from my home studio teaching small groups stained glass – and have some people booked on some of them
  • created a pricing structure for commissioned work ( but not properly put it into practice, for example i never remember to ask for design payments up front or deposits)
  • have read so very much in my effort to learn and improve my use of social media (particularly twitter and wordpress). Have linked up to Ben Huberman over at WordPress, in an attempt to get more from my blogging. Plus, though twitter linky #blogcrush ( run by Wendy at Naptime Natter, Alice at Letters To My Daughter and Lucy of Lucy at Home ); discovered the very generous Hayley of Sparkles and Stretchmarks. I do plan to pick her brain more if she doesn’t mind because her success and openness on how to make a living from blogging is not only inspiring and surprising -I genuinely had no idea !
  • I have 25 more twitter followers, 11 more blog followers and 7 more FB followers – small changes but a step in the right direction
  • I’ve even been making stock items of some of my glass designs…. I have hens and blue tits ready to find their forever homes..

I’ve even achieved on my personal positive plan.

I have been eating less bulk, more healthily; drank more water; suffered less stomach discomfort (goodbye acid reflux) and am less bloated from skipping the alcohol. This has translated to having lost half a stone without even noticing (ie not felt like I’m missing out, hungry, deprived) and looking a darn sight healthier (less puffiness, clearer skinned). I’ve been dancing and I’ve given myself the extra 10 minutes I need in order to walk rather than drive into the village. Both of these activities have the added benefit of boosting my energy and sense of wellbeing.

All in all, one twelfth of the way into 2018 and things are going well. I promise I wont do this at the end o every month, but just right now, I’m feeling pretty damned elated and I wanted to share it with YOUx

Lucy At Home

Mission Mindfulness