I’m Berni,  We all reach junctions along our life’s winding road, that need marking with a celebration; a time of reflection or some form of commemoration.  As an Alternative Celebrant, I aim to help you punctuate your life story by helping you to create an event that is as unique as you are.

My full name is Bernice Benton, everyone calls me Berni, (except my parents who use the full name if they’re cross even to this day, and I’m 52!). Sometimes I’m Lady Lily the Pink of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party

It took me (Berni) three years to take the leap of faith in myself and become the independent and alternative celebrant I’d been wanting to be.

Why “Alternative”?

As an individual who has spent the last two decades recognising the ordinary extraordinariness in everyone’s life, I really had come to want to facilitate others in their own recognition, acceptance and joy at their own selves.
I began blogging about my own life: Rose Tinted Ramblings of an Ordinary Extraordinary Life, providing warts-and-all blog posts about anything and everything that popped into my head, in the hope that at least one other person would realise that feeling different is normal… we’re all different. I’ve learned not only to accept, but to enjoy, relish even, my own unique qualities and eccentricities. We all have them. We are each unique. And we should celebrate that.
As such, I aim to bring my own alternative and ordinary extraordinariness as a celebrant to help express yours and your loved ones own personalities in any of your life celebrations.
I would love to help you celebrate, commemorate, or find solace with or for a person, pet or occasion in your life.
Alongside those ‘traditional’ chapter changes in our lives: marriages, Births, Deaths there are so many more occasions that cause for a breather, a moment of reflection and a bit of time to celebrate.

Remember and Reflect

Maybe you feel it is time to revisit the loss of a loved one. Maybe at the funeral 12 months, 5 yrs, 10 yrs ago, you wish you’d said something different or celebrated their impact on your life in a different way. Or you may just wish to remember and celebrate their life again.  Memorials and Rememberance Services, , the way you want them.  There are no rules…Remember & Reflect

More than a Pet

People often don’t realise the strength of emotion and the grief that can come from losing a cherished pet, if you’ve lost your dearest dog, cat, horse (or any animal) friend then the feelings can be as strong as those of losing a human. Time to reflect is important.  Your dog, cat, horse or whatever animal friend, was certainly more than a pet, they were part of your family.

Relationship Status Update!

Maybe you’ve just come out as lesbian, gay, trans, non-binary, pan-sexual. Perhaps you’ve just got divorced. Have you’ve found and embraced a new way of living? Whatever your Relationship Status Update, you may think its worth celebrating, its certainly one of lives chapter changes.  There are no rules, dare to be different, mark it with a celebration.

Happily Unmarried Bliss

Personally I’ve been happily unmarried to the same man for 25 years. In my mind that deserved a party. It might be that you too want to renew vows or make some sort of commitment declaration. Maybe you want a party? Perhaps you want an intimate affair you want it to be just you and your significant other and your kids or close friends? You don’t have to get married to celebrate your commitment to each other; celebrate your Happily Unmarried Bliss!

A New Direction, A Fresh Start

Freshly Divorced? Big career change? Back to school as a mature student? Moving abroad? Maybe you’ve recovered from a life changing illness? These events are monumental punctuation marks in our life. Take a moment.
Why ever you want to take a moment, sometimes you will realise that it deserves more, those are the occasions I can help you with. Make them an event. Punctuate your alternative life. Celebrate that New Direction and Fresh Start.

Getting Hitched

Getting hitched, married or entering into a civil partnership is a big deal!  It’s a time for celebration.  And whilst, at least here in Wales and in England, you still need to officially register via a registry office or using a priest/rabbi/vicar/imam or whatever, you can engage an Independent Celebrant to officiate at any venue you like to make a service and celebration that is right for your own unique and extraordinary lives.