Mum cooking

My son started uni this year.  Thanks to social media life is pretty much as it was when he lived here.  We communicate as if he were in the house…that is , by text!.

The main differences are his room is clean and there are no dirty boxer shorts on my bathroom floor!

It’s not that I don’t miss him.  I do .  It’s more of a feeling that he’s very much still here.  After all, as they get older they tend to start preparing you for their flight from home by staying at mates/girlfriends house or going on holiday without you.  So I’m used to him not being in the house.  And I’m used to communicating with him over Facebook.

He however is less used to living on his own.  His absences from here generally coincided with him being in a home with another dad/mum…. cook!

He’s missing some mum-made grub.  That means I’ll probably get a home visit soon and so shall start batch cooking shortly so I can load him up with goodies to take back.

I’m glad he’s missing me.  we mum’s like to know that!

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3 thoughts on “Mum cooking

  1. My children are much younger, it’s strange to think that they’ll be heading off to Uni one day! I’m starting them off young learning to cook but as there’s nothing quite like a meal made by mum I can imagine me making the odd meal for them when they move on. Thanks for linking up with #Thesatsesh


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