I’m voting “Kirsty Williams”….

Yes, yes , yes, I am aware I am standing myself in the Welsh Assembly Elections.  However, I am not standing, nor are any of my party (The Official Monster Raving Loonies – that is, just in case you’ve been on a different planet and missed me mentioning it), standing for a constituency seat.

I get the opportunity, as do you all, to have TWO votes on 5th May.  One for a Constituency Representative and one for one of the 4 Regional Representatives.

So, I’ll be voting Kirsty Williams, for Brecknochshire and Radnorshire, and I shall tell you why.

The woman is everywhere.  I don’t even know if the cloning technology or teleportation technology she must use is even an allowable expense under the Election Campaigning list of claimable expenses.  The fact that she can get to six seperate locations across the great expanse of Powys on every single day of every week, is not only astounding but a testament to her commitment to be accessible to all her constituents.

And, as far as I have witnessed, she clocks up the miles, the energy and the passion for her constituency (Brecknockshire and Radnorshire) whether there is a pending election or not.  Certainly whenever anything has been going on in Llanwrtyd Wells (known for being both tiny and in the middle of nowhere), either she or Roger Williams (pre-retirement) would/will attend, rally round, speak out or help us celebrate… even on those occasions when there were no press around to cover the event.

I’ve never written and not had a reply; I’ve never asked a question of Westminster or WAG and not had it referred on for response, and I’ve never seen her anything other than enthusiastic and interested/concerned depending on the issue.

If I wasn’t standing for a Regional seat , I’d even be out canvassing with her.  What would we do without her. It’s not like we get any representation from her counterparts (well maybe occasionally if there’s a photo opportunity in it for them).

Anyway, however you plan to vote, or if you were thinking of not voting.  I urge you, go to the polls on 5th May.  You have from 7am until 10pm to do so.  If you’ve received a postal vote pack, then post it back….But if you miss the deadline you can take it to your local polling station.

Whatever you do on May 5th, find time to register your TWO votes for the Welsh Assembly….


If you Don’t Usually Vote, Then Vote Unusually


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I'm Bernice but unless I'm in trouble, it's Berni. I laugh heartily; love wholely and live completely. I write what I think. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its political, sometimes its frustration, or angst. Always its real and heartfelt. I now live in Mid Wales having found a home with my family (John, my parner and Jason, our son) here in Llanwrtyd Wells where everyday eccentricity is celebrated. a place in the UK that attracts those from outside the mainstream and has created an identity based on its quirkiness. A perfect home for someone like me who tends not to follow the crowd, doesn't have a quiet laugh, and tends to speak first, think later! Life has reached a juncture where I have become aware that when you live your life through rose-tinted spectacles, every experience becomes one including joy, laughter, friends, meetings, experiences and great memories. Having always fancied being a columnist I figured why not share my rose-tinted ramblings with anyone out there who might want to listen- and if no-ones out there, why not write them anyway - bit like a public diary - but hey I have no dirty little secrets that I'm not prepared to share....!!!!

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