Thank you Blackpool. Missing you already…

Lady Lily The PinkWell that was a weekend and a half.  I still don’t know if it was decided what the collective noun for a gathering of Loonies should be but in my own rose-tinted world I elect to call them a Laughter of Loonies.  Fitting tribute as I cannot remember when i laughed for so long and so hard.

Which is saying something because I like to laugh.  And I laugh A LOT.  Big, loud, raucous.  Full on , unabashed , no holds barred.  And for that I must apologise for the rest of the residents of the New Guilderoy Hotel !

Although to be fair , the hotel is Loony run… by the fabulous Lord Guilderoy and our Party Chief Whip

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey very kindly found a small corner for us Loony Sistas to costume change and refresh throughout the weekend so we could attend the annual Monster Raving Loony Party Conference The New Guilderoy is an eclectic mix of  decades and objet d’art. The whole building and welcome was a delightful surprise, a joyful eccentricity and the perfect home to host a bus load of Loons.  And the breakfast… well… it saved the days after the nights before. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

THe House of Lords backdrop in the residents lounge of THe New Guilderoy. Image thanks to my Loony Sista; The Lord's Drummer's Daughter and my minder and honourary Sista, The Rev Backline (Defrocked)
The House of Lords backdrop in the residents lounge of The New Guilderoy. Image thanks to my Loony Sista; The Lord’s Drummer’s Daughter and my minder and honorary Sista, The Rev Backline (Defrocked)

So what is involved in a Monster Raving Loony Party Conference?

Firstly there’s the members ‘Meet and Greet’ , this year at Uncle Toms Cabin… (what a great team they have there – the staff were AWESOME)











Then there’s the Party bus tour to Meet the Electorate….












Followed by the Leaders Speech and Cabinet Reshuffle….

Hwelin Lord Hope Cabinet Reshuffle Cabinet Reshuffle

Cabinet Reshuffle







Then there’s the conference (over a pint in Uncle Toms Cabin)… plans for the Welsh Assembly Elections next May… sorry , no cameras allowed in the conference room !

And, finally, we can all relax.  Time for a post conference Party party…

Vince the Ripper and The Rodent Show

photo taken from Conference report
photo ‘borrowed’ from Loony Party Conference Report
Arriving in Blackpool
Arriving in Blackpool
Whats it all about
What it’s all about

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