It’s a new year… It’s a new day… and I feel good…

I Am The Creator of my Uniiverse
I Am The Creator of my Universe

the year for me to invest more energy in art and craft…
the year to recognise myself as a reasonably good artist
the year to promote my skills
the year to drive my focus into art and craft as a means of earning…
…if not a living, then a slush fund
…or rather a wine and play day fund

the year to remember and thank those friends who knew me when i didn’t know myself
Who supported me and held me up when i didn’t have strength
and who laughed and played with me when i did
and who are there…
whose presence in the foreground and in the background colour my world and solidify my foundations

the year to embrace and to let go
to wallow in great relationships
to pride myself in raising a great and happy young man
to learn to let go, but still hold on
be there for the falls but stand back and enjoy the spectacle
as he dances and soars, as his wings unfurl to reveal their true light and colour

another great year to carry on and to embrace life
to stand up and protect the weak
to be brave and believe in the ‘right’
to use my voice…
…and speak openly and honestly
to continue to be me.
whilst you continue to be you.
To be true.
another great year to be, and to be is to be great

Published by

Rose Tinted Ramblings

I'm Bernice but unless I'm in trouble, it's Berni. I laugh heartily; love wholely and live completely. I write what I think. Sometimes its fun, sometimes its political, sometimes its frustration, or angst. Always its real and heartfelt. I now live in Mid Wales having found a home with my family (John, my parner and Jason, our son) here in Llanwrtyd Wells where everyday eccentricity is celebrated. a place in the UK that attracts those from outside the mainstream and has created an identity based on its quirkiness. A perfect home for someone like me who tends not to follow the crowd, doesn't have a quiet laugh, and tends to speak first, think later! Life has reached a juncture where I have become aware that when you live your life through rose-tinted spectacles, every experience becomes one including joy, laughter, friends, meetings, experiences and great memories. Having always fancied being a columnist I figured why not share my rose-tinted ramblings with anyone out there who might want to listen- and if no-ones out there, why not write them anyway - bit like a public diary - but hey I have no dirty little secrets that I'm not prepared to share....!!!!

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