Hair Raising…a great cause…

Instead of writing this postf from scratch,  I’m sharing with you the release I made to the local press on behalf of all those involved…

Ffloyd and I will be on the 2014 Pink Car Rally raising money for The Little Princess Trust
Ffloyd and I will be on the 2014 Pink Car Rally raising money for The Little Princess Trust

It’s May Bank Holiday, and there’s ‘Mayhem’ to be had in Llanwrtyd at the Third Heart of Wales Music Festival on the 3rd and 4th May. In recognition of it eccentric history , pastimes and general obsession with joviality; the events over the weekend include a Fancy Dress Ball ”May the Fourth Be With You” . Free entry to hours and hours of great live music hosted at the Neuadd Arms Hotel with the added entertainment of individuals dressed for Star Wars meets Loony on the Sunday Evening.
A couple of local ladies have taken advantage of this madness to have their heads shaved in order to donate their hair to the Little Princess Trust. June Duncan (62), of New Hall Guest House and Jenny Walsby (50), of Home Stays at Lledgwial decided to grow their hair when Bernice Benton (46) of Cerdyn Villa, suggested raising money and awareness of the charity back in May 2013. The charity sources and gives beautiful real-hair wigs to children who have lost their own hair, primarily through cancer treatment and The Little Princess Trust accepts hair donations (minimum length 7″). So, June and Jenny will have their hair tied in a ponytail which will be snipped off ,to send away, then friend Tina will use hair croppers to tidy what’s left.

The webbed feet made walking to the bog very easy!
The webbed feet made walking to the bog very easy!

In addition they will be passing the collection buckets and sponsorship forms to the party goers at the fancy dress ball and asking them to support their challenge and Berni’s pending involvement in this year’s (the 7th) annual Pink Car Rally which takes place in early September..


June & I dressed for a Midsummer Nights Dream themed party
June & I dressed for a Midsummer Nights Dream themed party

June Duncan has lived in Llanwrtyd for 8 years and embraced its event-led tourism agenda from day one. She told us “ Llanwrtyd has given me the opportunity to celebrate by inner child. It’s a great place for people who love to embrace their individuality. The things I’ve been involved in since moving here have been amazing” . Back in August 2009 June stood on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square to represent the town and its infamous sport of Bog Snorkelling. She spent her hour up there dressed in lime green lycra with a bike helmet based frog head, green tutu and umbrella , beside a toilet (!!) – representing herself as the mascot “Bog Frog”.. and definitely putting the town boldly onto the map.

Jen Walsby taking part in Man v Horse Marathon held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells
Jen Walsby taking part in Man v Horse Marathon held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells

Jenny, who came to Llanwrtyd in 3 years ago is in the process of setting up an eco campsite in the grounds of her B&B. She too couldn’t help but become actively involved in the towns tourism credentials, helping to develop their quarterly Farmers & Crafts Markets, a food fair for this coming summer and taking on the organising of the 2014 Bog Series on behalf of Green Events Ltd as part of the 2014 World Alternative Games.
Jenny told us “As an in-comer to Llanwrtyd you are revitalised by the energy of the many event companies, wacky activity organisers and enthusiasm of the community to engage in voluntary groups to look after and develop the town. It’s such a fun place to live and getting involved certainly keeps us busy!”

My alter-ego "Lady lily of the Pink"
My alter-ego “Lady lily of the Pink”

This is the 3rd year that the Neuadd Arms has hosted the Heart of Wales Music Festival (Music Madness and MAYhem) supported by Sir Dangerous Dave ex of Screaming Lord Sutch’s “Savages” and performing as lead on Sunday for The Pistol Riders; and Catrin O’Neill, talented folk singer/guitarist from North Wales.
Saturday will be a folk/roots evening featuring George Breakfast, followed by Catrin O’Neill with Mike Lease, and culminating with the Fluid Druids (a trio including a mix of guitar, cittern, pipes, fiddle, flute and voice). Celtic music and song from Ireland , Scotland and Wales.

screaming lord sutch
Sunday (which happens to be May the fourth (be with you)) is the Screamin’ Lord Sutch Memorial Fancy Dress Ball (theme is Loonies meet Star Wars), a night of rocking starting with local band The Hurricanes and finished off in style by The Pistol Riders. And, of course, the brave ladies having their hair shared off, somewhere in the middle!
To enjoy the weekend, simply turn up in Llanwrtyd and join us at the Neuadd Arms Hotel Saturday3rd and Sunday 4th May 2014.   Dressing up is optional.

To donate to the fundraiser go to

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