Not so Rapid-o – Parts 2 and 3

OK all you saddos out there who wanted evidence of our first attempt at disassembling the Rapido; here is the video of it.  It’s in two parts as we were interrupted by a welcome visitor.  Bearing in mind I’d not been there when John and Rob/Sarah Liscoe (thankyou) erected it and had not watched the various Youtube speed erection (ooo err missus) videos, i think we were pretty good getting it down in 14minutes!  I don’t think we’d put a family tent away any quicker anyway!.  Also we must pat ourselves on our respective backs for (a) not breaking anything (man nor machine) and (b) not falling out (of it or with each other)

Dis assembly of Rapido – part 1  


Dis-assembly of Rapido – part 2

You may also be interested to know that I have bought material to make curtains and cushion covers.  Be afraid, be very afraid – i shall be attempting to thread a sewing machine for the first time since i was in the equivalent of year 8.  I shall be attempting it without (a) breaking the machine or (b) throwing a tantrum – i have vague memories of throwing my school sewing project out of the window

I thank , in advance, Kim Jackson for her tolerance and patience in attempting to teach me this skill.

I selected the Daisy Sky print for curtains and the cerise pink leatherette for the seat covers with baby pink leatherette as an accent colour!

PS I won’t blame any of you if you don’t watch the video(s) its hardly an edge of the seat, high budget production, not worth popping the corn or dimming the lights for……

Fabric for curtains, seats and cushions in the Rapido
Fabric for curtains, seats and cushions in the Rapido

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